Our story

Since the early 2000’s our consultants have been shaping the diversity and inclusion agenda in UK Science, Engineering and Technology (SET).

Along the way we met up to share our experiences of working as collaborators, researchers and hands-on managers in different diversity and inclusion projects.

We really care about our Science, Engineering and Technology industry. We knew there was no point in reinventing the wheel every time for clients: there had to be a way that so much evidence and experience could be pooled into a way for organisations to work towards inclusivity in a cost-effective manner.

That’s the reason we got together in 2106 to develop our Inclusive Engineering services based on the Peters Model of inclusive engineering education.

 Our strengths

In 2011 we introduced the Clifton StrengthsFinder® tool to the Set to Lead project. We were so impressed with the impact on workforce engagement, team productivity and the quality of life of individuals we have embedded it in our modus operandi.

We passionately believe our unique fusion of diversity and inclusion with strengths consulting can unlock transformation for our clients.  Be part of this story and the make future of UK science, engineering and technology more inclusive, more resilient and responsive to the unpredictable challenges of the global economy.

(Clifton StrengthsFinder® is a registered trademark of Gallup, Inc. A complete listing of Gallup’s trademarks can be found on Gallup’s Terms of Use webpage.)

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